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Low Bed Semi Trailer
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Low Bed Semi Trailer

Model FTW9200TD FTW9190TD FTW9280TD
Product name 11.8M two-axle low-bed trailer 11.2M two-axle low bed trailer 16M tri-axle low bed trailer
Total weight (kg) 20450 19020  28020
Tare weight (kg) 8050, 8450  9020  10020, 10500
Payload (kg) 12400, 12000 10000  18000, 17520
Dimension (L×W×H)(mm) 11850*3000*1750, 2870  11200, 10900*3000, 2800*3070, 1590 15980*2800*1750, 3040 
Wheel base (mm) 8350+1310 8100+1310 11330+1360+1360
Tyre size 8.25R15, 8.25R20, 8.25-20 8.25R15, 8.25R20, 8.25-20 8.25-15, 8.25R15
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