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Box Semi Trailer

A box semi trailer is also known as a box truck for its cube-shaped cargo area. It is widely used in the transportation of appliances, furniture, etc.

As a professional box semi trailer supplier, we provide many other types of semi trailers, including semi dump trailers, container semi trailers, low bed semi trailers, etc.

We have adopted advanced production techniques from Holland, Germany, Japan, the US, and UK, and chose high quality vehicle spare parts to ensure that all of our products are of reliable performance.

Additionally, our company is located in China. Which enables us to obtain convenient transportation facilities by air, sea, and land. This helps us to reduce production costs due to the cheap transportation of raw materials and spare parts. Our customers also incur low freight charges. As a result of our high product quality and reasonable prices, our box semi trailers and other vehicles are extensively used in Algeria, Egypt, Congo, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Burma, just to name a few.
Welcome to China! We are looking forward to establishing a great relationship with you.


CIMC brand BOX semi trailer
Model CGB9380ST
Tire 11.00-20/11.00R20
Quantity of axles 2
Spring 7/7/7, 8/8/8
Curb weight 8,100/8,300/8,500 kg
Rated load 30000kg
Wheel base (mm) 7,250+1,310+1,310
Front overhang (mm) 1,066
Rear overhang (mm) 2,060
Track Width (mm) 1,830
Departure angle 15°
Dimension (mm) 12,996x2,546, 2,496x3,995
Inner size(mm) 12,820x2,480, 2,330x2,500
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