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Cargo Truck 6×4
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Cargo Truck 6×4

Hongyan XinDaKang Euro II 4×2 Cargo Truck
Hongyan XinDaKang Euro II 6×4 Cargo Truck
Model CQ1253TMG434
Driving type 6×4
Total mass kg 25000
Curb weight kg 11000
Rated loading weight kg 13870
Total mass of trailer kg 12000
Wheelbase mm 4325+1350
Outline dimensions mm Length 10010
Width 2500
Height 3112,3712
Max. internal dimensions of body mm Length 7570
Width 2368
Height 800
Max. speed km/h 90
Max. gradeability % 40
Fuel consumption under certain conditions L/100km 28
Engine model WD615.50
Engine power kw (Ps) 213(290)
Max. torque/speed (N.m/(r/min)) 1160/1300~1600
Clutch Single plate Φ430mm large diaphragm spring clutch
Transmission 9JS119
Cab Hongyan XinDaKang cab
Number of steel plate spring (front/rear) 8/12
Steering gear German ZF CQ8111D rotary valve steering gear
Driving axle Full floating, double reduction with differential Steyr cast steel driving axle
Tire 11.00-20,12.00-20, 11.00R20,12.00R20
Emission standard Euro II
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