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Low Bed Semi Trailer
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Low Bed Semi Trailer

The low bed semi trailer is suitable for transporting steels, various engineering machines, and so on.

1. Our low bed semi trailer inherits the advantages of other models of semi-trailers in terms of technology, material, and others. The low main plane frame platform ensures stability during transportation.
2. The web is welded with manganese plate and its height is from 400mm to 550mm.
3. Our product adopts triaxial balanced or biaxial balanced non-independent steel plate suspension which consists of tandem leaf springs and suspension support. The suspension has strong rigidity and hardness, and it is used to mitigate load impact.
4. There are mass balance blocks between the front and rear leaf springs. The block enables the deflection of the front and rear leaf springs to change by an equal amount and makes the front and rear axles experience force evenly.
5. The product can be modified as per customer requirements.

Longitudinal beam (500mm in height)
Upper wing plate (16mm)
Lower wing plate (18mm)
Web (10mm)
Edge beam (18# channel steel, 10# channel steel)
Bedding channel (6)
Baseplate (2.75mm, with patterns)
Euphroe (60 pcs.)
Fuhua axle (13ton, 3 pcs.)
Standard leaf spring (6 pcs.)
Brake chamber (4 dual-cavity, 2 single-cavity)
Standard rim (8.0×12)
Chain spare tire rack (2 pcs.)
Outrigger (28tons)

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