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Oil Tank Semi Trailer
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Oil Tank Semi Trailer

The oil tank semi trailer is mainly used for the transport and storage of oil derivatives, such as diesel, gasoline, coal tar, lubricating oil, and so on.

This product is composed of the tank, power take-off, transmission shaft, gear oil pump, pipe network system, and others. The pipe network system consists of oil pump, three-way ball valve, bi-directional ball valve, filter screen, and pipes.

1. Our oil tank semi-trailer can realize pumping in or out and automatic flow functions. The tank can also be divided into several small compartments to carry different kinds of oils.
2. The oil tank is made of high quality carbon steel with the thickness of 4 to 6 millimeters. Aluminum or aluminum alloy can also be used according to different application needs so as to reduce the deadweight of the vehicle.
3. Multiple anti-wave clapboards are installed inside the tank, which alleviate the impact of oil to the tank body and improve stability and safety of transportation.
4. Our product is equipped with valves that match the carried media. Adopting reinforced bottom beam, our product has the largest loading capacity among the similar level of vehicles and meets the driving requirements on bumpy roads.
5. Optional devices include flowmeter, tax fuel dispenser, and 15m refueling reel (automatically return to position).
6. With the adoption of reinforced axles and WABCO ABS braking system, our oil tank semi-trailer is an ideal choice for road transport of liquid materials.
7. The vehicle can be modified as per customer requirements.

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