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Garbage Truck
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Garbage Truck

The garbage truck is also known as dust cart, refuse collection vehicle, self-loading and unloading trash truck, etc.

1. We choose the famous Finland MULTILIFT hook lift car system which has interlocking protection.
2. The hydraulic system can achieve the purpose of buffering, returning to position, and automatic control of the car system.
3. In addition to the car system, the hydraulic system is also used to control the opening and closing of the dustbin door.
4. All control operations can be completed by the driver in the cab.

1. The frame structure of the dustbin is welded with the strengthening beams and steel plates. The bottom plate is concave while the side and top are arc-shaped. The whole dustbin is beautiful in appearance and light in weight. It is subjected to force evenly and it does not deform.
2. Composed of steel frame and folding panel, the shovel is not only light and handy but also able to make the trash distribute uniformly and discharge thoroughly.
3. The filler consists of the housing, sliding plate, scraper blade, and other components. Adopting beam plate or box structure that performs well under stress, these components are firm and lightweight.
4. The garbage is in a closed state during the compression loading and transportation processes, which eliminates the phenomenon of garbage dust flying caused by the rear air disturbance during the transfer process.
5. Special rubber sealing strips are used in the joint surface of the dustbin and filler, and locking devices are adopted for compression seal, so the sealing performance is excellent, preventing the secondary pollution.
6. Control system of our garbage truck comprehensively utilizes the advantages of electric control, pneumatic control, and hydraulic control. Through the joint control, the interfaces issues of the hydraulic system and the electrical system are effectively resolved, thus improving operational reliability.
7. Automatic control of engine power output, i.e. throttle control, is realized through the electronic throttle controller. This ensures that the engine can automatically choose the state of acceleration or idling when the trash truck is under various operating conditions, thus preventing power loss and system heating.
8. We adopt the imported PLC to realize integrated control. Logic circuits are used to ensure sequential execution of the operating instructions. This reduces the incidence of failure and improves reliability.
9. Our garbage truck is set with emergency braking button which enables the trash compressing and filling device to stop in any state or any position, thus ensuring the safety of the operators and equipment.
10. There are two operating modes, automatic and manual. The operation control boxes are respectively installed inside the cab and in the rear of the vehicle, which are convenient to use.
11. If customers have any requirements on the configuration of the product, they can tell us and we can modify the product according to their requirements.

Quality Control and Certification
Our products are subjected to comprehensive debugging and testing before leaving the factory, so their quality can be guaranteed. They have been certified by GCC, GOST, SONCAP, E-MARK, etc.

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