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Concrete Mixer Truck
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Concrete Mixer Truck

The concrete mixer truck is specially used to transport concrete. A cylindrical mixing drum is mounted on the chassis to carry the mixed concrete. It is kept turning during transportation so as to ensure no solidification of the carried concrete. Additionally, modified products with customer-specified specifications can be provided as well.

1. We use original imported internationally renowned reducers, pumps and motors to ensure the safety during operation.
2. The mixing drum is designed with a large volume (5 to 14 cbm), thus providing large loading space and stirring space. The drum body is slender, which effectively lowers the center of gravity, reduces centrifugal force and improves lateral stability.
3. The double helix blade is adopted. It is made by underwater plasma cutting and die stamping molding. The helix angle and helix pitch are accurate, which truly realize 3D stirring function and ensure uniform discharge.
4. The mixing drum and blade are welded by argon. With the blades added with wearable protective strips, the service lives of the mixing drum and the blades are prolonged by more than one time.
5. The feed hopper of the largest volume in China makes it easier to feed concrete. The unique feed hopper sealing design solves the problem of overflow while climbing slopes.
6. After welding the mixing drum with the guide rail, large lathe is used to ensure the coaxiality of the mixing drum and make the mixing drum run more stably.
7. The discharge chute at the rear of the truck is covered with wear-resistant steel, thus improving the abrasion resistance and service life substantially.
8. The discharge speed is greater than 1.2 cbm per minute and the residue rate is less than 0.1% which is far smaller than the national standard of 2%.
9. The control mechanisms set inside the cab and at both sides of the rear make it more convenient to load and discharge concrete, making this mixer truck especially suitable for operation in rainy days on muddy roads.
10. Surface of the main components has been subjected to shot peening, sand blasting, and special painting, which is shinier and smoother.
11. The four waterways bring more convenience to drum flushing, water filling, and hopper cleaning.
12. The widened ladders on both sides of the truck improve the convenience and safety for cleaning and maintenance.

Assembly Advantage
We are cooperating with many world famous enterprises and use their products on our trucks, such as ZF steering box and oil pump, BEHR intercooler and water tank, WABCO compressor, clutch master cylinder and brake valve, MANN+HUMMEL fuel filter system and air filter, VOSS brake joint, as well as VDO instrument panel and CMOD.

Quality Control and Certification
All of products are subjected to comprehensive debugging and testing before leaving the factory, so their quality can be guaranteed. They have passed the certification of GCC, GOST, SONCAP, E-MARK, and so on.

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